Where the Locals Are

Park the boat and stretch your legs at some cool neighborhood hangouts.

Check out Dewey Destin Seafood (just north of the marina) for excellent seafood, grilled, steamed and fried… or work up an appetite with a short walk away from the marina for the best steak in Destin or huge prime rib burger at McGuires Irish Pub.

Crab Island

Crab Island

Years ago Crab Island was an actual island above water called “bird island” due to the plethora of nesting birds. Over the years, through all the hurricanes and storms, the island’s sand began to spread to the now beautiful sand bar thousands of folks come to visit from all over the U.S. every year. Many different vendors operate on crab island, selling hamburgers, hot dogs, boiled peanuts, ice cream, and gear. To put you in a festive beach mood, a barge on Crab Island often hosts live bands and plays music over their PA system. You can even pick up a game of water volleyball or rent wave runners and paddleboards!

How Busy Is It?

Every day during the summer you can find anywhere from 10 to 1,000 boats out there enjoying the gorgeous emerald green water and soaking up the warm Florida sunshine. Crab Island is especially busy on holiday weekends — Memorial Day, Billy Bowlegs weekend(a local pirate festival that brings people from all over to party on the water), 4th of July, and Labor Day.